Practical Big Data Workshop 2022

June 23-25, 2022, at the Michigan League
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

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The Practical Big Data Workshop series brings together global innovators in radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging who are leading in development and use of big data and artificial intelligence to improve care for cancer patients.

This year’s workshop will organize around guidance for clinical implementation of Big Data and AI driven approaches for 

  • Genomics and Biomarkers
  • Image categorization and segmentation
  • Dosimetry including treatment planning and quality assessment

Integrating ethically driven approaches into data aggregation and use and ensuring diversity in data sets will be a common thread among talks

The workshop combines lectures, lively point-counter point debates, round table discussions, high top - laptop presentations, and expansive socializing to build both community and science.

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Abstract submission ends June 17th , 2022.

Conference hotel:
Hyatt Place Ann Arbor (734-995-1234)
Other hotels:
Sheraton Ann Arbor Hotel (734-996-0600)
The Kensington Hotel (734-761-7800)

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Meeting Organizers

Charles Mayo, PhD
Kristy Brock, PhD
University of Michigan
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Kari Brewer Savannah, PhD
Elizabeth Covington,PhD
MD Anderson Cancer Center
University of Michigan

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